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FREE Art Deco Design Pack—Patterns, Borders, Shapes, and More




The glamor and symmetry of the beloved Art Deco style is seeing a resurgence in our 2020 Creative Trends. Download this pack of 45 free Art Deco elements to add a hint of luxe to your designs.

What’s old is new again. A major creative trend for this year, The Roaring 2020s brings back all things luxurious, reviving the iconic elements of a beloved era. In this major trend, you’ll see a huge resurgence of all things Art Deco: geometric patterns, elegant color palettes, eye-catching borders, and typography.

To help supplement your projects, we’ve created a vast collection of forty-five Art Deco-inspired patterns, swatches, borders, dividers, and more. We’ve also rounded up a collection of fifteen free Art Deco fonts to complement this free download. Scroll down to get a peek of this lavish freebie, then read on to learn how to make the most of these Art Deco elements in your next design.

What’s Included in This Free Art Deco Design Pack

This free Art Deco pack features 45 total elements that can be used for multiple applications, from personal backgrounds to social media elements. In the download, you’ll receive access to twelve patterns, eleven borders and dividers, twelve color swatches, and ten pattern swatches.

FREE Art Deco Design Pack—Patterns, Borders, Shapes, and More — Repeating Pattens Preview

A preview of some of the patterns available in the Art Deco Design Pack.

The patterns are available as EPS, JPG, and AI swatch files, while the border elements are available as EPS and PNG files. The same designs are saved as different file types to ensure anyone can use the Art Deco Pack in any editing or design software.

All you need to do is place the PNG or JPG files into any design software, such as Shutterstock Editor, or manipulate the vector EPS files in Adobe Illustrator to create your next design.

How to Download The Free Art Deco Pack

Downloading this free Art Deco Design Pack is simple. Just click on the button below for direction to your download. Then, double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents and you’ll see the designs in their respective folders.

Download the FREE Art Deco Pack

By downloading this free Art Deco Design Pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Create a Stunning Invitation Card Design

Art Deco patterns and borders can be used in a multitude of designs, especially in invitation cards. Tile the patterns for an effortless background, or apply the borders to doll up your card. No matter what you’re using these graphics for, they are sure to spruce up any composition.

In this tutorial, we’ll create a stunning invitation card for an event. Start off by creating an Illustrator document around 252 by 360 pixels, or any size that fits the needs of your composition. Depending on the application of your design, set the color mode to CMYK or RGB. Go ahead and download the Art Deco Design Pack, then open up the EPS or JPG files in Illustrator or any other editing program.

FREE Art Deco Design Pack—Patterns, Borders, Shapes, and More — Create a Stunning Art Deco-Style Card

A good size for an invitation is 3.5 by 5 inches, or 252 by 360 pixels.

First off, we’re going to add the background to the artboard. There are many ways to apply the patterns as a background in your designs. Use the AI pattern swatch, or by tile the pattern itself.

If you’d like to use the pattern swatches to quickly change your background, head to the Swatches panel and head to the dropdown menu on the right of the panel. Go down to Open Swatch Library > Other Library, then head to the Swatches folder > Art Deco Pattern Swatches and click Open. The imported pattern swatches will appear in a new menu, ready to be used.

FREE Art Deco Design Pack—Patterns, Borders, Shapes, and More — Art Deco Invitation Card Background

Apply pattern swatches to vector shapes to quickly change your background, or import the EPS pattern files and tile away.

For this Art Deco-themed invitation, I used the EPS files so that I could easily change the hues are needed. Simply duplicate the pattern by holding down the Option key and dragging across. Use the Align palette to center align the patterns to the artboard.

Next up, let’s import the borders and frames. Head back to the Art Deco download, click on the EPS folder, and find the Art Deco Elements file. Open up the EPS file in Illustrator and copy and paste any of the elements over to your document with Command + C and Command + V, respectively. Utilize the Direct Selection Tool (A) to adjust the size of the borders as needed.

FREE Art Deco Design Pack—Patterns, Borders, Shapes, and More — Art Deco Invitation Card Border

Art Deco borders help to frame your card details.

Now it’s time to add in those important event details. Activate the Text Tool (T) and click and drag across to create your text box. Head over to the Character panel and find a typeface that works with your design. For a Roaring ’20s inspired event, an Art Deco typeface such as Market Deco is the perfect one for the job.

FREE Art Deco Design Pack—Patterns, Borders, Shapes, and More — Art Deco Invitation Card with Free Fonts

An Art Deco tyepface such as Market Deco perfectly fits the theme of the invitation. For more free Art Deco fonts, check out this article.

Add all necessary details, such as the event name, date, time, attire, and RSVP information. Be sure to display important information clearly for attendees. Use the Selection Tool (V) and the Paragraph panel to edit and arrange your text for the best composition.

FREE Art Deco Design Pack—Patterns, Borders, Shapes, and More — Finished Art Deco Invitation Card

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