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The $8 Bath Accessory That You Should Be Using in Your Fridge




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Thanks to a mysterious smell that wafted through my kitchen every time I opened the fridge, I woke up on a Sunday morning with a mission: to find the source of the stink. I took out all the shelves and drawers, and scrubbed them down. I threw away all the expired condiments (why were there so many?!?) and organized our food and drinks. 

When I was finished, even through the fridge looked and smelled better (the culprit was a moldy lemon, if you’re wondering), there were a few lingering items without a home: the last few pieces from a bag of string cheese, a couple of yogurt tubes, and some smaller condiments. Then I remembered a really simple hack for storing smaller, rogue items in the fridge. 

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Use a Shower Caddy in the Fridge

You know those suction caddies for storing shampoo and soap that you stick to the wall of your shower? They’re just as effective in the fridge (which I definitely use more frequently than my shower, just saying). Just stick one inside of your refrigerator, and you have storage for anything that doesn’t have a home. It’s like extra real estate that came out of nowhere!

I plan to use a few in my fridge for storing my kids’ juice boxes, yogurt pouches (which, take up way too much space in cardboard boxes on a shelf), and the rogue string cheese that always seems to be in my crisper. It’s also perfect for smaller condiments, like those tubes of fresh ginger or jars of minced garlic. 

Heck, now that I think of it, I might even put one below my kitchen sink to store scrub brushes, sponges, and microfiber cloths!

How do you deal with the random bits and bobs in your fridge?

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